Monday, November 1, 2010


what do u want?
i dun understand u man.
making all d promises saying all d excuses,
twist and turn ur words,
end up forgetting all about it.

u were sweet once, u were 'da one' once,
but now, guess wat its gone.
and its all about u. its cause of u.
gosh dun tell me u want it to brag about it.
dun tell me, u decide it to see wat happen to us.
cause ure wrong, and u can never turn back.

oh now u regret?
forget bout it.
wat uve done is a total mistake.
and i felt sorry for d decision u made.
i gave her to u to be love.
but u, once a jerk, forever a jerk.
u know it, but u pretend not to realize.
i guess its ur mistake.

sbb tu selalu ade, think before u decide.
tired, hate and waste of time is what it is.
and for u my friend, im sorry it din turn well.
its for u and u too.

for u, man.

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