Sunday, September 19, 2010


U r a legend! hahaha!
falling in love within 10 days?
ask the 'master'!
she sure does have few tips and ways to help u get ur man in a short period!
ask who? ask her!
1 day dating is all we need. rite fren?
ehehehehe! dun waste time!
i hope it'll last till forever!
and im glad u've finally have bf after how long been single?
3 months isnt it? hehe!
im happy for u :)


anesaseken said...

excuse me..3months? nahhhh!
u r wrong..its almost a year k..
hahaha!! men taik dgn aku dpt taik ah kn..durhh!!
am i rite anne? hehehe

Anne Nazeeha said...

ahahaha absoutely gojes!
'who do u think u are' la kn anis?
excusez-moi je. hahaha!