Saturday, August 7, 2010

you came into my life.

My life was black and white.
It was dull n pale.
I never knew what my life would ever lead to.
I never made any adjustment and scheduled my everyday life.
I tot i'll never be able to experience d beauty of rainbows.
But with u around, my life completely change.
U put colours into my life.
I dun really care if its bright or dark.
Afterall, dats d sum up of all d dramas. hihihi
Im sory i've hurt u badly.
It was not my intention to do so.
Human makes mistakes, and im totally learned it.
U turn me from blank pages of diary to a wonderful stories in every chapter.
Not every stories end up happy ending, well at least not in actual life.
But somehow i try make it through.
Just sometime i missed to count my blessing n thankful to have u around.
U were a great friend.
And always be.
I may not be special to u, but u are to me.
As long as u r here with me, im happy. :)

Wan Nazeeha.

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