Sunday, July 18, 2010


when somebody love u, means he/she wants to have u around.
but when he/she has fall in love with other somebody, somebody might feel hurts.
when that somebody tell his/her friend that he/she is okay and often quotes

'when we love somebody, we've got to let her/him go'
'to see him/her happy, is worth more than anything in the world to him/her'
'when he/she's happy, im happy too'

tak mcm bullshit ke?
when u say this, ure totally feel down.
u still want him/her, tp dah mls nk usaha sbb rasa mcm sia2 kn?
u still want him/her, tp mcm org lain lg deserve to be with him/her kn?
u still want him.her, tp rasa mcm bertepuk sblh tgn je kn.
u still want him/her, tp asek sedapkn hati pk, kalau ade jodoh ada lah tu.

i cant help u decide.
me myself are drown to make decision for myself.
im in a complete blur myself.
im in a complicated relationship either.


Anne Nazeeha said...

different people different thoughts and idea. u might think differently.
but maybe i din see it with wider vision. i may just narrow it down.

maybe someday, ble kne batang hidung i'll know how it feels.
i might feels differently.
who knows.
ya i know... God knows

amarroche said...