Wednesday, July 21, 2010


yes what about love?
u make my fren sick of it.
u shud bring happiness.
y sadness is all she's confronting?

i know, dats only d bad side of u, love.
the bright side is happily ever after. right?

be patient ma fren.
u know, if its not him,
means u hv to keep on searching.
always remember,
save the best for the last.

currently, love make ili happy .
currently, love make anis sad.
there's only two things in our life.
good or bad, happy or sad, ............
some people say love is a heaven.
some people say love is a losing game.
dat depends.

sayang, whatever happen i'm here to comfort u guys if u need me.
i said anytime means anytime.
im available 24/7.

anis, trust me u will find better person than him okay?
u will, i know u will.
let time decide.
cume blum nmpk je lg tu.

1 comment:

Anne Nazeeha said...

i c both of u are happy now.
im glad.
love u guys to death.