Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cant b describe by words

these are bunch of my favorite friends!

love u guys forever!
u guys da best!
i hope were still friend wen we r older.

even we knew each other for like a short term, but its like i knew u forever.
we were so close.
we hug each other everytime as if we din see each other like 10 years or more.
u r da soft one, ur voice are so like small child.
wen u open ur mouth, im smiling all da way inside and outside.
ur da kind one.
ur da cutest among us.
i love u.
and i know u simply love purple.

u...i love u for real.
ur like everything to me.
ur help, advice, jokes.
everything makes me happy.
ur da coolest, clumsy, kindhearted friend.
im so sorry i've hurt u badly.
i can never forgive myself for it.
u help me a lot! u loves doing me favor.
teman g mane2. ponteng klas same2.
tolong kucing yg same2.
tido same2. tman sebln. nyanyi same2.
we do almost everything together.
i love u.

ur my everything.
i love u.
wat else can i say.
ur da most understanding!
paling pndai, tp very humble!
awk plg slalu layan kerenah sy.
tman sy g mane2 je sy nk.
slalu tolong sy even bnda2 bodo mcm print kn slip xm and more.

thank to god i hv friends like y'all.
never regret to know u guys.
im so thrilled and looking forward to see u guys.
i love u.

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