Wednesday, July 7, 2010

blue eyes

a lil bit about a young american guy who i met on airplane to san francisco.

he is tom. he's 20 years old going to be 21 this august. he's talkative. he's sweet. he's nice.
sory tom, mase kau nk ckp aku buat2 tido. im not gud in english. broken2 one! ehehe
tp im impressed when u say

'i really want to go to mekkah, i want to know what muslim do there'

'i believe Quran is more accurate and true because it is straight from God through Prophet Muhammad who are illiterate. but Bible are from people and it is a translation.'

in fact he wants me to study law with him in US.
he's into history law. gudlak man. i know u can bcoz u knew so much thing.
and im proud telling u bout islam,muslim.

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