Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day

dady, today when i want to share with u that i want to hv my own business.
u marah i. u suh i blaja abis dlu. of course i know.
but u broke my heart. u dun even want to listen.
i just want to tell u how much i really wanted to be successful in business.
i was hoping different from u just now.
wat i hv in mind was different.
but u never knew.
fine if u dun want to know bout wat i wanted in my life.
i'll figure it out by myself.
maybe i always talk bout my friend's successfulness, my friend's this and that.
but my only reason is just to say that i want to be like them too.
i envy them and want to be in that position too.
i tot i would hear supportive arguments, supportive advice. but instead u scold me.

today, on ur day i cried silently. its painful. its ok. ure my dad. i love u so much. uve given me too much. i'll try to be successful one day. even u dun like wat i do, i do it for u.

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