Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and she's my friend

i wrote this for my prettiest friend,
who while trying not to prove that i care,
trying not to make all my moves in one motion and scare her away,
well she can't see she's making me crazy now,
i don't believe she knows she's amazing how,
she has me holding my breathe,
so i'd never guess that i'm a none such unsuitable,
suitable for her.

a girl who go crazy with ice blended chocolate at secret. and she's my friend.
does my love i gave to u is still a doubt?
im sory i fucked up before! i promise u i'll never do it ever again.
trust me. pls.
throw me ur love once again.
im sory my friend ive hurt u badly.
behind every line is a lesson yet to learn.

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