Sunday, May 2, 2010

sad sad sad

i've never cried so badly over cat videos.
but this.. is so sad.
i bet the cat cried for help to save her friend but no one listen.
no one knows how much she loves her friend.
the only left she could do is to stared at the decease.
sit right next to her friend and pray to god to give back her friend's life and exchange it with her.
at least that is wat i'll do wen i lose people i love.
it must be a real pain to lose someone u loves so much.

aritu tgk burung mati tgh jln, kawan dia kat sebelah is trying to move the deceased and ask to leave the road. tp kawan dia cant reply any. he's dead. sedih sgt tgk. the bird never had the chance to say goodbye to his friend.

fucking miss u friends ..ili, anis.

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