Saturday, May 29, 2010

im ashamed of myself

ili anis...
i just wish i din make those mistakes.
i just wish i could turn back time and dun make u sad.
i just wish i could be part of ur life.
i just wish im a true friend of you all.
i just wish im the one you need when u are in trouble.
i just wish i'll be the shoulder for u guys to cry on.
i just wish u could trust me once again.
i just wish u give me second chance to change.
i just wish im ur friend dat u miss and love everyday.
i just wish .....

but i know, things are going diffrently.
things are not going as i thought to be.
i made a huge mistake.
im a fool.
i still think dat i dun deserve to be friends with u guys.
you are just a very good and delight friends i've ever had.
thank you thank you thank you.
even 'thank you' cant even compete with wat i meant.
and 'sorry' not even a word telling how sorry i am to u guys.
im ashamed of myself.
but pls dun leave me... pls just not yet.
i know if u are hiding things behind me. because its okay.

u just cant imagine how much i love u guys...
do forgive me someday. will you?

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