Monday, May 31, 2010

30th May 2010 was something

hye its my birthday!
i turn 20 dis year.
i had real joy and real pain dis year.
i've been through quite a lot this year.
but yet im so happy and thankful to god that im still alive.
i still have my bestfriend my bestest buddy ever ili and anis.
i hope they'll be with me for the rest of my live.
my family is here with me and im super happy.
few days before i turn 20, i went to australia a family vacation.
was super fun and yes i realize only that will make my bond to family much more closer.
i love u mama, dady. along, agh and diya. nothing compare to u guys.
even im far away and very few times seeing my ili and anis now, but yet im sure they miss me.
and dat is y dey came out with a sweet video they do it just for me!
im shocked and almost dun believe it!
im so surprise by it. sangat terharu. im so happy dat they are my friend and always be.
today im 20 years old and 1 day older! hahaha!
and im talking in a wise motion!
gotta find love! bye bye!

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