Friday, March 5, 2010

stupid tu bodoh.

my advice to u is please stay away from my life u jerk!
stop pretending!
u r very good at turning words. u convince people, u motivate people, u help people.
cant u help urself?
wat u get when ur lying with urself?
is this a game?
if it is, then ur a loosing.
lucky me, i know it.
from the beginning...till the end
i still know.
hahahaha to u!
Brains with no heart.

sebaik la never fall for u.
if i did,it will be a big mistakes! superb regret!
bye tam2! fuck u i guess!
for d others, please stop making up stories k?
its annoying. its only bring world war III.
and ya, i dun care if u dun like me as well.
coz i know it. pathetic.


abbad said...

sory byk2
xbuat dah
xkacau kau dah

huhu :P

Anne Nazeeha said...

ahahaha aku tampar kau kang abad! nangis min. hahaha

ik said...

haha, hei fucker mane nii.get a fucking life la bdoh. nah aku angkat fuck tok si fucking tam2. hahah. pathetic.fakap.

Look Who's Talking...Mean! said...

stupid tam2 yg bengong!!hahaha..
abbad u r not tam2 that being mention..
we love u abbad..n mean 2!:-)