Wednesday, March 3, 2010

who are you?

look deep inside into ur parents eyes.
and c how much they have given to grown us up.
have u wondered wat they feel when they find out wat u did?
have u not regret of wat u hv done to them?
have u make them proud lately?

now look at you,
i barely know u from da start.
u r my family.
but y act like stranger to me?
u never talk to me like we are together under 1 roof.
i never know ur activity.
we never shared stories.
we never act like others.
did i not trying to be close to u?
i did, but u ran away.
u with ur world, im with mine.
yes, im not like u.
im not as bad as u.
u are polite outside, inside? i dun know
i guess u r lying with urself,people around u,that close to u,even ur loved one.
that helped u so much.that care bout u so much. that worry of u every single time.
u might living with colourful world, where inside u is just empty.EMPTY!!
u r getting married sumday, how may u grow ur own family?
wat u do when ur spouse know dark things u did?
wat u gonna tell ur children in future?
what if ur children are worst?
wat would u feel?
wat would u do?

we are always against each other.
we kept on argue once we open our mouth.
u wanna win, but i try to make things right.
u forever think im wrong, u just never know me.
the only u know is u.
do u know y i rather stay with my friends?
because oftenly i felt lonely, felt no one around me care bout me.

when i try to be nice,u trying to avoid.
when i want to spend my time with u, u said u dont want.
do u even care wat i feel? i dun think so.
even always u forget my birthday.
i never see the benefit of having u.
shud i or shud not i be proud of u?

i can see it clearly now,
we are together but living separate lives.

we always dreaming and hoping the best.
but sumtimes, its a hopeless dream.
where u know, u will never get u desired.
its very very hard to avoid a comparison that makes u feel worst.
not everyone are strong enuf to count their on blessings.
mild feelings

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fara farhana♥™ said...

asal weh?asal?
cerita ah.cerita.. :)
telinga aku da redi nk