Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cannot go!

well, i shouldnt have this kind of feeling.

its wrong. But it keeps on coming. Shud have put it aside, but it always get centered.

Well, im a human being myself. cant denied every single thing.

At some point, we can only close our eyes and pretend it din happen, it din exists.

Sometimes eventhough were not happy, we just create pretty smiles on our face.

Eventhough it looks sincere, but deep inside u know its fake.

We find it as an interruption and conflicts.

Sometimes we're quiet outside, but deep inside there's too many voice to be heard at once.

Sometimes were so jealous of others, but we must hide it out and be thankful of what we have.

Eventhough we felt lefted, we must try to adapt.

Eventhough lists of people who hate us is longer than the other, learn to appreciate persons near u.

Eventhough u dislike the truth, but u still have to agree with ur fate.

Yes of course u'll get advice like

'u still have me'
'be positive'
'dun stress out, it ruins u'
'be extra strong'
'dun care bout others, care bout u'
'they're jealous of u as well'
'do not waste ur tears for someone who's not worth it'

Yup. sometimes it works and makes my day, but sometimes it din work, and it ruins the whole day.

it is not that we dun want to share it with our friends or bestfriend but after sometime, patient will be ur no 1 bestfriend, diary is ur good listener. cigarette is ur fav food? nononono..... pall mall merah 14 ok? sialan. gudang garam sudeh!! Pastu mampus xreti kuakan asap. dungu. batuk2.

It is indeed friends is all we need at this point of situation or maybe ur siblings, but there's time where all we need is ourself. A private time. U better agree this! OLEEEE! U are lying if u say u never experienced this. Everyone does! Well, so do i. ehehe. Drama sebabak pulekkk!

Just throw it away? Nah! it's a feeling u cant describe by words means it will never leave until u can control ur mind and motivate urself. By the way, this is not a prob. It's just a feeling. kemooooonnn! Feelings come and go. When it come, it hurts(if its bad), when it leaves, relieved. Bkn Revive isotonic. coca cola BBBBRRRRR!!!!!!

If only i have a clone and i decide what it can be. It's fun. Macam The Sims kn. But it will be great if im a terminator! No feelings and hard to die! I'LL BE BACK! pastu jd gabenor. teeheee!

Feelings is what we felt. it comes in many ways whether happy, sad, excited or anything. But it can also be biased, cruel and not fair. who cares? its us who feel it.

For an example, ceh mcm buku text grammar pulakkk!

Ghamar felt love towards laili. Its just a feeling, u felt for something and it doesn’t mean that the love u feel will get sweet feedback. In this case, laili might already have a bf or maybe she doesn’t felt the same for ghamar. That is y sumtime feelings are cruel when we shudnt have those kind of feelings and when u know u will never get for what u desired. I hope it helps.hoho!

Have u heard of Carrie underwood - i'll stand by you? mesti tau kn. I'll always love this song. I contribute this song to all my friends who have worry thoughts and problems okeh. bukan ler today, but anytime if u encountered probs or any just remember i'll stand by you. stand je lah cm tiang lampu. Abis lagu aku blah. Especially to my dearest anis ili min ina noja fara kak naima dgn abg polis? erk! Huiiihhhh... mampuih la ada org geli! hahaha!
this post shud be sad ler. tak pulekk!


yan vs aying... said...

bila ada masalah,kita rasa tension sangat..
kadang2 rs nk mati pun ada.
gurau aje..
ap yg penting bila ad masalah kita kn hadapi jgk..
face it..
n solve it..
jgn lari dr masalah..
chayok2 ann..
sayang ann..
lebih2 plk..

Anne Nazeeha said...

stuju dgn yan! jgn lari dr masalah, jgn juga kejar masalah!

sayang yan jua! romantik gituuu..

cerita kedai kopi,masalah sendri masalah pribadi.

NaiMa said...

nape ni n...
no sedih2..epi ek..


suke part anne cakap we need ourselves..yup itu yang penting..kita kadang2 ada banyak masa nak spend ngan orang lain tapi langsung xda masa untuk spend dengan diri sendiri :)

hope anne tetap bersemangat kat tempat baru

miss jawa♥™ said...

weh2.asal kau?eh2,ari tu cakap nak kol aku la apa le kejadahnya.tade kol pon.kol pon sebab plan nak bergomol-gomol tu je..

btw,abang polis???hahaha.masa untuk mencungkil gigi dan rahsia...bahaha.c(:

tunggu kedatangan ku..

Anne Nazeeha said...

erk, mane de sedih2 la korg. haha memandai je. ni feelings ajeee.
kn feelings come and go.

in fact im super happy now! hahaha blakon sgt! hahah

Look Who's Talking...Mean! said...

feeling come and go..
try to remember the best things happened in ur life..

sbnrnya sy dh merapu..
sbb sy tak phm jiwang2 nie..
why anne?tell me why..hahaha..