Sunday, August 24, 2008

input and output

Input is any data and instruction entered into the memory of a computer. An input device is any hardware component that allows users to enter data and instruction into a computer. The examples of input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner, touch screen and digital pen. There are also other types of input that are voice input and audio input.

Voice input is the process of entering input by speaking into a microphone. Uses of voice input include instant messaging that support voice conversations, chat room that support voice chat, internet telephony, and voice recognition.

Audio input is the process of entering any sound into the computer such as speech, music and sound effect. To enter high quality sound into a personal computer, the computer must have a sound card.

Output is data that have been processed into a useful form. An output device is any hardware components that conveys information to one or more people. Commonly used output devices include display devices; printers; speaker, headphone and earphone; fax machine and fax modems; multifunctions peripherals; and data projectors. Examples of display devices are LCD monitors and screens, Plasma monitors and CRT monitors.


Nizam "Kowreck" Corleone said...
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Nizam "Kowreck" Corleone said...

how about pc cards..
are they input...?
nice post though...
like it lots...

Anonymous said...

hmm... if a computer hav a sound card but no codecs, what will happen?

Anonymous said...

1.good information given
2.nice elaboration
3.ayat sendiri eh?(good)=)
4.maybe u can add some photos to make it more interesting.
5.overall,nicely done.
6.G00d luck

Zuraini90 said...

post len lg lar?
bosan arh anne.

IniAnakKuris said...

what an informative helps me a lot in doing my assignment as well as presentation! now i'm able to differentiate between these two output n input..the examples provided are very useful too..thanks anne..

Nazeeha said...

well ankkuris,i just put out all my information i have gain during class. i hope my entry really do help on your assignment and test as well. hohoh! ye lah tu.
so ili,does internet really gives advantages to you? can you survive without internet?

IniAnakKuris said...

ye tak tipu..for real man..haha

well for me, i think that internet brings a lot of benefits.. especially as a student, i often use the internet as a search engine to seek for information.. internet is like a source of information..we can just get whatever we want just by a click right? i admit tht i cant survive without internet..ill suffer from boredom if internet does not being invented and ya,in your previous post about the advantages of internet, i am totally agree with you.. we can get more friends and get connected to each other through konklusinyaa, ill be dead without internet..haha

Nazeeha said...

great answer ili!! i completely agree with your opinion and suggestion. but then, we can't 100% trust the information given in the internet. such as in wikipedia, most of the articles are edited by anybody from any source. so i think we can't only depend on internet itself. do u agree with me? what are the most web you currently and oftenly visit? friendster perhaps. such a social girl.huhu..haha!

IniAnakKuris said...

em hmmm..ya, that's true.. most of the articles are just based on other people's opinion.. but i think it depends on the user itself on how to use and manipulate the information..
however most infomation originated from the wikis and encylos are based on facts and reliable sources..

oh, i visit fs frequently..haha..durhh..very social ok..

Nazeeha said...

your english is very 'well done'.haha!
where did you gain extra info instead of wiki and encyclopedia?
another question is... what is game maniac? does it bring harm to us?

IniAnakKuris said... maniac.. i guess its a term for people who love to play game so much..correct me if iam wrong..

ya i can see nowadays especially adolescence..they tend to play online games such as counter strike, ragnarok and many more... in my opinion, it is okay to play games but there must be limitation..

basically, again it depends on the user on how to manage and balance their time.. plying games for hours n hours surely will bring harm in the aspect of health, studies etc..
but games can also reduce our lvl of stress..not just that, we can escape from the bzness world for a while and play game..
so it fine to play games but becoming a game maniac is not a good thing...

anne, i would like some of ur opinions on the topic 'chatrooms bring more harm than good'..its very kind of you to rep my commnt..

Nazeeha said...

what about person which is a game maniac? that he/she cant stop or manage his time well as he had been exposed to game since he was a you have any effective way to stop him?
ili,thanx for the great question.i supposed that question is for you.hoho.i bet you are one of the 'heavy' chatter. it is actually the same as you said. but i refuse to agree with your topics. cause i think chatroom does bring goods to other website, chatroom is another types of social networking as well.
1)reconnect broken relations
2)be connected to long lost friends
3)stay connected to family
4)debating and arguing on certain topics
5)collect and share information
7)making new friends from whole world
8)can get sleeping partner(hoho)
9)can menyamar (kukis lover)

by above statements i oppose your statement.eheheh

IniAnakKuris said...

i think the most effective way is to just rotan the fella..gunakan sebatan maxima 360degree.. i can guarantee that he/she will no longer become a game maniac..hahhaa

ohh how dare you disagree with me..haha..
ure is so much fun man..i can chat till don skali harung ngn subuh..hahahha
but miss ann.. i wan to stand the wet thread...
ur 8th n 9th reasons will only increase the case of sex before marrige, rape cases and more... don't you think??..its not good for our society which is more conservative compared to the west countries that are more liberal...
merepek r..hahahah

Nazeeha said...

and the person which you chat till dawn is most probably me.hihi! i see that you want to include your law studies in here huh?? you want to start a fight huh? lets best man win! hahaha!! oppss! saaaaakit hati!

i see that you have a good point there but that is what on negative side.can you ever see on the bright side?hoho
my point no 8 meant that,have you heard about marriage tru on9?ape tu?yg knal kat chat pastu kawin.ha kn bgs tu.
n then point no 9 means that,4 an example, you have a bf and then your bf want to know whether you are loyal to him or he decided to disguise as other person.see??????

IniAnakKuris said...

hahahahhhahha... lets the best man wins!hahaahha..

but we cannot only look at the bright sight although its full poket of sunshine..hahah apeni..hahhaha
we have to look on the pro and cons ok..
so i think let the politicians decide how we may live with dignity now and always..hahah

Nazeeha said...

but we cannot only look at the bright sight although its full poket of sunshine..hahah apeni..hahhaha

what the??????????????
now you trying to sing a song ha barney?ahaha

so i think let the politicians decide how we may live with dignity now and always.

and this???we actually can decide how we want to live.why must politician must decide 4 us?
i think our subject is out of topic.this is not about computer anymore.ehheehe

IniAnakKuris said... a form 2 poem u *(@#$!!

hey miss anne..its oct already..i hope you can update your blog by now, i am waiting for a new entry..cant wait 8p 8p 8p