Monday, July 7, 2008

Computer Perspective

This is my first blog ever after knowing few years ago. Blogspot is more to a diary for me to express feeling in my daily routine that happened to be public view and to be shared with all readers. Nowadays, computer is some kind part of our life. We can't go through assignments and assessment without computer on our side. Computers are related to internet networking that connect to every single website to make things easier.

There are a lot of advantage and disadvantage on computer usage. Computer provide us more advantage to us. We can speed up our works up to 70% on writting by typing and we can stored our works for long time period in large capacity in the small storage. Computer provides us consistency in our works to produce same result each time we display our works. Its an electronic device operating under the control of instruction stored in its own memory. Nowadays people are connected through internet networking. We can close up our relation with friends and family from all over the world through yahoo messenger, hotmail, friendster and myspace. Internet and computer are link together to be functional and we can start downloading and processing our projects in speed time n easy without searching references from library or bookstore anymore as it can be get by our fingertips.

Therefore,there were also disadvantages on misuse usage of computers towards children and teenagers as it can cause violation. This is because they can access anything through internet such as pornography, brutality and violency without limit and are world wide that may be practiced on daily routine life which is a very bad influence towards their future. But if we can control our usage and disciplined our attitude, we could find more advantages than disadvantages. For me,computer gives us more goods than bads in adding our knowledge about latest technology that upgrade everytime without fail. All above are my perspective of computers and perhaps it will bring more advantage towards our life and make our life easier, simpler and useful.


nadahahs said...

Correct, computer and networking give more advantages than disadvantages. Many of disadvantage site come from human itself, just a few from computer itself.

Welcome to a blogger world. Maybe before this you ever read other blogger posting although you didn't have your own blog. So can i know your computer experiences instead of blog in next your posting?

Anonymous said...

i hav few cmmnt 4 u.
1st: refer 2 nadahahs' comment.

mimi said...

i like your explaination...

Anonymous said...

2.good job
3.nice explanation