Monday, July 28, 2008

computer experience (2nd posting)

Assalamualaikum and Thank you Mr. Shahadan for the question. I would like to share to you about my computer experience in this second posting as you wish.

I have been exposed to computers world since I was a child through my brother and through games. At first I only played pinball games which is already in the computer. But nowadays I can download yahoo games for free and play more. Eventhough it is limited to only 60 minutes, but actually we can try a cheat and get the full version of our favourite games for free. As a teenager, it's an impossible not knowing about popular myspace, friendster and facebook. That is the most popular site where we can connect to each other even everybody around the world and make new friends even gathered long lost friends.

It's a worth if we know how and when to use it properly and mannerly even morally. In those myspace and all, I also learned to insert layout or theme using coding and in that way were not using it just for our excitement but also gain knowledge.

Apart from that, I love to keep on up to date to new songs, movies and video clip. And instead of buying it, I usually download it free by using limewire and bit torrent. Eventhough it is free, it is also exposed to various type of viruses. So I prepared an AVG anti virus to prevent my documents and all my projects from lost.

Photopages, Photobucket and also Flickr are some examples of site to keep our pictures savely or to be published such as advertisement. It's a safe place to keep our photo there. This site can manage our picture albums organizely according to special event and date. I guess that is all for my blog this time. I would love to received your comment and questions from you soon.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blogs and Assalamualaikum.


nadahahs said...

i think you already enjoy using computer and internet. so what more that you need to learn about computer and internet? have you gain your knowledge about computer and internet in UiTM?

Then i hope your blog can be read and be comment at least by two classmate for this posting. one is boy and one is girl.

Nizam "Kowreck" Corleone said...

nice post....
keep it up.......

elina said...

yes, certainly.. i learn t too... :)

Anonymous said...

what i want 2 say is you hav a wonderful story. i want 2 say keep it up, but krek said it earlier. huhu.. well, don't stop the work.

IniAnakKuris said...

regarding your post, i believe that you also have your own social networks..maybe myspace or friendster.. so why don't you just put the URL or link so that we can share it'll be more interesting isn't it?..i'd like to knw more bout you!

Nazeeha said...

i do have that kind of social networks. but i'm sorry i don't think i would like to share to all of them.cause i don't think its appropriate. its completely different and embarrassing when it comes to myspace or even friendster.
if you really do want to know more about me just type ON WAN and send it to 33322
u'r such a stalker.haha

IniAnakKuris said...

why not??
then what is the purpose of signing up for myspace n friendster?? hahah..
btw, im not a stalker like 'paul much love xoxo'..hahaha..

Nazeeha said...

what a question..
huh very tough.i might fail to answer this kind of question.
the purpose im signing in into myspace is to create strong bond between me and my long lost friends. but when it comes to blog, it is more towards educational. more to on going assessment and to get extra mark as well.not for adding2 comment2 view2 (friendster) haha!!
blog is where i express my feeling too. so may i ask what is the purpose you sign in into blogger world? i see there are no entry from you. such a dull page.very boring too.hahaha

IniAnakKuris said...

hahahhahahha...even tougher than any law subjects..haha

ohh i see.. u created myspace just to keep in touch with your long lost friends.. but miss anne as you mentioned in your post above, the social network thinggy is also for making new friends.. so i don't think it is a shame to put your myspace link here..if you say that this blog is more on educational, then why i can see tht some of your posts are not really about education..u did post about jokes and funny stories..
oh about my blog..wait 1st la..i havnt got the chance to post anything yet..FYI, to post a comment on your blog, its a must for the user to have a blog too ok..thats y i sign into this blogger world

Nazeeha said...

no no no no no no....its still a shame.don't you mention about myspace know why?because when i put the link here,as a result people keeps on adding me.i don't have much time to approve the friend request and it makes me more popular.hahahaah!!!(sakit hati bc).and bout the funny stuff,that is what i call to express my feeling ili! about your dull blog, i suggest you to put interesting facts or debate! i would PROBABLY visit your page oftenly.

ur long long 6years friendship,

IniAnakKuris said...

ahhahah... oh ya i forgot that u're an artist.. i understand, u need a little privacy don't you..
u call that an expression of feeling!! that is totally unacceptable come you express your feeling by just cut n paste only..hahah..
ok sure ill update my blog later k..maybe youre the 1st and the last visitor..haha..pity me..

your fren nun jauh di sah alam..haha

Nazeeha said...

ahahaha!!!! u such a ^%&%^*%^
what do you mean by cut and paste.cisss!hahaha
ahhh so you do recognise me as a recording artist.hamboiii!!
hey girl(nada kuang aja),i've already visited your blog and i find it interesting eventhough i don't really understand what your question is all about.ehehe
keep up the good work!
i'm looking forward for an interesting blog from you.perhaps picture or else.

much love from your popular artist,
N! buek

IniAnakKuris said...

hahaha..thats enough..i want to vomit alredy..hahah