Monday, November 1, 2010

old skul time bebeh

ye lah saiko

mak sy bijak nk reka2 rumah kalau renovate.
ye ke ma ui..
sbb tu g umah jiran dia btau, ha buat bilik air sini.
x x bilik org gaji kat sini.
' ye lah nomi, ida(bkn name sbnr) patut tny mi dulu. tak terpk plak ida uiii' kata jiran tersebut.
hmm hebat kn? kau ade? cak2!
tp tu la ma, duit da habis alg kawin kalau nk renobet umh ni. ruang pun tade.
ke nk pecah umah jiran? dia tade tu. kite buat secret path mcm Harry Potter an.
tape ah tape ah, kite beli lego kite reka. umah barbie lawa jugak. sembang2 kosong.
'rumah cantik sangat bun'- johan

ye besa.

saye dah besa. saye dah tade idea.


what do u want?
i dun understand u man.
making all d promises saying all d excuses,
twist and turn ur words,
end up forgetting all about it.

u were sweet once, u were 'da one' once,
but now, guess wat its gone.
and its all about u. its cause of u.
gosh dun tell me u want it to brag about it.
dun tell me, u decide it to see wat happen to us.
cause ure wrong, and u can never turn back.

oh now u regret?
forget bout it.
wat uve done is a total mistake.
and i felt sorry for d decision u made.
i gave her to u to be love.
but u, once a jerk, forever a jerk.
u know it, but u pretend not to realize.
i guess its ur mistake.

sbb tu selalu ade, think before u decide.
tired, hate and waste of time is what it is.
and for u my friend, im sorry it din turn well.
its for u and u too.

for u, man.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


U r a legend! hahaha!
falling in love within 10 days?
ask the 'master'!
she sure does have few tips and ways to help u get ur man in a short period!
ask who? ask her!
1 day dating is all we need. rite fren?
ehehehehe! dun waste time!
i hope it'll last till forever!
and im glad u've finally have bf after how long been single?
3 months isnt it? hehe!
im happy for u :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


fuh fuh! what a relieve~~
gosh u make me scared to death whatever d point is.

what a dream.
its so weird and scary.
hish lupakan lupakan!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

you came into my life.

My life was black and white.
It was dull n pale.
I never knew what my life would ever lead to.
I never made any adjustment and scheduled my everyday life.
I tot i'll never be able to experience d beauty of rainbows.
But with u around, my life completely change.
U put colours into my life.
I dun really care if its bright or dark.
Afterall, dats d sum up of all d dramas. hihihi
Im sory i've hurt u badly.
It was not my intention to do so.
Human makes mistakes, and im totally learned it.
U turn me from blank pages of diary to a wonderful stories in every chapter.
Not every stories end up happy ending, well at least not in actual life.
But somehow i try make it through.
Just sometime i missed to count my blessing n thankful to have u around.
U were a great friend.
And always be.
I may not be special to u, but u are to me.
As long as u r here with me, im happy. :)

Wan Nazeeha.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

boo cak!

im writing a blog.

i wish we were this happy.

but somehow things not going da same as what we tot to be.

we never expect things will completely change within times

we can never expect people to love you, the way u love them

Boo cak! saya datang ni!

look saiko isnt it?
hmm maybe i am.